Well, I’m going to spout some of my own opinion on here, but that’s sort of the purpose of a blog anyway right.

I personally think that all buyer’s should get a home inspection, even on a new construction. You should also contract with a reputable home inspector, not cousin Bobby who built a shed one time. Inspections help you to determine what may need to be done to a home or what issues it may have. Since most sales contracts are two step negotiations, this is where the second step comes in (the first step was in the initial offer where you hammered out price and terms).

As a buyer you will have 3 options to exercise after a home inspection.

  1. Accept the home as is with any and all faults.
  2. Accept the home but give the seller a list of things to be repaired or replaced.
  3. Terminate the agreement and get your earnest money back.
Typically, most people will ask for some repairs. Sometimes, in lieu of repairs, the buyer may ask for help with closing costs or a price reduction. Personally, I like having some closing costs paid just because the seller won’t have to worry about the repairs and the buyer can then get whomever they want to make the repairs after closing. But again, all of this is negotiable.

The reason that I like to have even new construction inspected is that builders are people too and there is a chance that something might slip by them. A good inspector can help you find this error. On the flip side, home inspectors are people as well and if you get 2 different inspectors you may very well get 2 separate reports with different issues.

The buyer (in Tennessee at least) now also has the burden of the “termite letter”. Buyer’s are also responsible for any inspections that the home inspector may call for (if he is not qualified for it) such as having the HVAC inspected, septic, etc.

Overall, the reason for a home inspection is to find major faults with a home, not cosmetics. If you don’t like the lime green paint in the master bedroom, you want to handle that in the offer, not the inspection.

I’ve only touched on some of the reasons for a home inspection and have definitely not covered everything. If you want more information, give me a call at 423-902-9836 or shoot me an email to David@MyChattanoogaHome.com. You can also visit www.MyChattanoogaHome.com for more information.